Board & Committee Members

Board of Directors

The community is managed by a 5 member board of directors that meet approximately 4 times each year and conduct an annual meeting of the membership in the fall. The meetings are open to the membership and are communicated approximately two prior to each meeting. The duties of the board is described in the association bylaws provided in this web site.

The board of directors’ members are:

  • Jim Yoakum, President
  • Andrew Tvardzik, Vice President
  • Nancy Adams, Secretary
  • Lisa Goodfellow
  • Todd Casteel
  • Brian Boal, Treasurer (Non-Board Member)

Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for approving any new home construction or modifications to any existing homes within Waterfront Greens. They follow established guidelines designed to reflect the character of the community as a whole.

The Committee also reviews and approves landscape plans and changes to landscapes.

The members of the ACC are:

  • Andrew Tvardzik
  • Todd Casteel
  • Larry Shipe

Property Manager

Debbie Feaster is the property manager for Waterfront Greens responsible for welcoming new owners to WFG, maintaining property owner information, helping resolve any issues that might arise in our community, and generally being a point of contact for WFG. Her email is and her cell phone is 301-501-2425.